Tall Tales: So a Tall Girl Walks into a Bar…


I heard an interesting pick-up line a few months ago that I’ve been meaning to share it with you. I’m not really sure what to make of it… so I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Here’s how it went down:

I was out at a bar—a not so classy one, I  must admit—with a bunch of co-workers. We were all dressed up (see outfit above) from a prior business event, so naturally, I had three inch heels on (and trust me, I didn’t need the heels to be the tallest in the group).

We were laughing and having a good time when all of a sudden a stranger came up to us. He said something along the lines of noticing me from across the room because I was so tall [insert eye roll here]. He proceeded to tell me that he loves tall women and loves how tall I am. He then said, “I want to marry a tall woman becuase I don’t want scrawny kids. My mom is tall. Respect. Can I buy you a drink?”

The three thoughts that popped into my head immediately after (in order, of course!) were:

  1. Really? Did you just go there?
  2. Your mom? So weird.
  3. You’re right! It is awesome to be tall because yeah, my kids won’t be scrawny!

Anyway, I have a boyfriend so I turned him down.

Readers: Have you ever experience this pick-up line? What do you think…would you go for it?



8 thoughts on “Tall Tales: So a Tall Girl Walks into a Bar…

  1. Emily

    The “scrawny” thing is a bit weird, because I’m 5’11” and if anything, I’m scrawny. People have expressed interest in wanting to have tall children presumably with me. My favorite recent tall comment was when I was at a bar and the Blackhawks game was playing. This guy behind me says “I can’t see the game because of this 6’3″ girl in front of me.” When he was taller than me and the tv was up high, so he should have been able to see and I was wearing flats. I’m obviously not 6’3″

  2. Amy

    Guys are so weird sometimes with the things they come up that they think are compliments.

    This short guy came up to me and said he and I would be perfect together because he was the perfect height to give undivided attention to my boobs. I mean…

    1. Kathy Post author

      HAHA. This reminds me of when I started dating my boyfriend in high school and he was definitely at boob-level!

  3. Tanasha

    lol…Interesting! When I was single and out and about, I used to hear, “if you and I were together we’d have a definite NBA player all of the time. This was always from the tall guys. Short guys always used the line, you know were the same height laying down…ugh. Some guys are plain creepy. Happy that I’m married. As I’m sure you’re happy that you’re taken. :)

  4. gamu

    why did he have to go on and on about the height if it did not affect him he would not have mentioned it. You go girl with heels i wear longer than 3 inch and im 1.78metres tall

  5. Bethany

    Lovely! My favorite bar pick-up line was “I want to breed with you so that we can have pro athlete babies”. And believe it or not, I heard this one more than once while living in LA. Between your comment about not wanting scrawny kids and my comment, seems like guys might have childbearing on their mind more than I ever thought…who knew!


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