Tall Celebrities: The Oscars Red Carpet Breakdown

Elevated Style | Charlize Theron and Nicole Kidman Oscars 2013

Images c/o Disney ABC Television Group

Elevated Style | Queen Latifa Oscars 2013

Even though we’re all tall women, it’s important to remember that we all have different body types to dress.

I’ve found that you can learn quite a bit about dressing for your body type by studying celebrities who have the same body type as you. Through following tall celebrities, I’ve learned that mastering fit is all about achieving balance. For example, if you’re heavier on the bottom like me, you should create balance by adding volume or interesting details up top (i.e. ruffles, patterns, etc.) to downplay the lower half.

Here are three tall celebrities—broken down by body type—who totally rocked it on the red carpet.

Charlize Theron (Tall Inverted Triangle)

Charlize Theron is 5’10” and has an inverted triangle body type, meaning that her upper section is heavier in proportion to her lower section. She has broader shoulders and narrower hips and legs. You can see that she added volume to her lower half by wearing a peplum top and a dress that hugged the upper body but flowed out on the bottom.

Nicole Kidman (Tall Column)

Nicole Kidman is 5’11” and has a tall column body type, meaning that she has a slim figure with a small bust, flat stomach, and long limbs. You can see that she created a womanly shape by pairing a heavier fabric to add weight with embellishments on the bust and volume on the bottom of the dress.

Queen Latifah (Tall Curvy)

Queen Latifah is 5’10” and has a tall curvy body type, meaning that she has no definitive waistline and limited overall tone and structure. You can see that the wide V-neck of her dress elongates her shoulder line and pulls in her waist to make her torso appear smaller.

Side note: Did you realize that all of these tall celebrities are taller than their male counterparts in the photos? LOVE it.

Readers: Who are your favorite tall celebrities? What’s your tall body type and how do you dress for it?

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