How-To: Layering Garments as a Tall Woman

Elevated Style | J.Crew Teddie Dress 1

J.Crew Factory Wool-Blend Walking Coat; J.Crew Tall Schoolboy Blazer in Wool Flannel; J.Crew Teddie Dress; J.Crew Indian Voile Popover; Tory Burch Patent Reva Ballet Flat; Hue Tights; J.Crew Factory Bracelets

Elevated Style | J.Crew Teddie Dress 2

Elevated Style | J.Crew Teddie Dress 3

Elevated Style | J.Crew Teddie Dress 4

Elevated Style | J.Crew Teddie Dress 5

Elevated Style | J.Crew Teddie Dress 6

Elevated Style | J.Crew Teddie Dress 7

Happy Monday and congratulations to Stephanie, you’ve won the $25 giftcard to J.Crew!

And now on to layering, which is no joke. The key to layering as a tall woman is to avoid looking too bulky at all costs. Here are some quick layering tips I’ve learned over the years:

  • Wear the heaviest and loosest garments on the topmost layer. In other words, the thinnest and tightest garment should be worn closest to your skin. The point of doing this is to reduce the appearance of bulk. Above, you can see that the blouse is the first layer, followed by the dress, and topped off by the heavy blazer.
  • Don’t use too many layers. I usually stick to around three layers max. Again, to avoid looking too bulky.
  • Layer longer layers underneath shorter layers. See above how the dress is layered underneath the shorter blazer.
  • If you’re layering up top, keep it streamlined down below. A form fitting dress or skinny pant will do the trick.

[spacer size=”20″]Feel free to mix and match the layers with fun colors and patterns.

Readers: Have you tried layering?

6 thoughts on “How-To: Layering Garments as a Tall Woman

    1. Kathy Post author

      I do like it, though it is a bit boxy. Also, even though it’s a tall size, you’d never know it! The length is fine, but I was expecting it to be 2-3 inches longer on me. I plan to do a full review post in a week or two!

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  2. Eunice

    Love the way you put this outfit together! Several questions:
    Is the teddie dress in a tall size too? How does it fit? Did you buy it in the same size as the memo and emmaleigh dress? Can you please do a review of the teddie dress without the jacket so we can see it better?


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