Tip of the Week: Read “Nothing to Wear” by Nicola Cupples

Nothing to Wear
If you’re like me and have lots of clothes but nothing to wear, this book is definitely for you! Here’s why I love “Nothing to Wear” by Nicola Cupples:

  • It helps you understand the psychological factors of your style and shopping habits.
  • It teaches you how to work with your body shape (yes, there’s a tall section!).
  • It gives you simple, tactical guidelines for constructing outfits that are comfortable AND stylish (I didn’t know this was possible!).

[spacer size=”20″]Overall, this book not only left me with solid tips for improving my image but also gave me the confidence to explore, experiment and have fun with my wardrobe. I highly recommend it! Get it on your Kindle here.

Readers: Have you read any style books? If so, what style books do you recommend?

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