Tall Trick: Creating the Perfect Skinny Jeans

Elevated Style | 7 for all Mankind Ginger Flare Trousers 2

Elevated Style | 7 for all Mankind Ginger Flare Trousers 3

There’s nothing worse (maybe bathing suit shopping?) than shopping for skinny jeans when your a tall woman. You don’t want anything so tight that it restricts movement, but you want something long enough that you can wear heels with and skinny enough to be able to tuck into jeans.

Here’s a trick that I learned a few months ago…turn your jeans into skinny jeans!

  • Step 1: Find your favorite pair of jeans.¬†Everyone has a favorite pair of jeans. Mine happened to be a trouser jean.
  • Step 2: Bring them to your tailor and ask for the jeans to be converted into skinnies! Who knew?! It will usually cost anywhere between $20 and $50, depending on where you go.
  • Step 3: Buy a new pair of your favorite jeans!

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Above, I’m wearing my recently converted skinny jeans. I love how they fit into my boots without being too tight. You can see the original jeans here.

If I can convert my ex-trouser-pant-monstrositiy into a nice pair of skinnies, then you can certainly convert your jeans!

Readers: Are you brave enough to convert you favorite jeans into skinny jeans?

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