How-To: Dealing with Short Halloween Costumes

Elevated Style | Halloween 2012 1

Elevated Style | Halloween 2012 2

Elevated Style | Halloween 2012 3

Elevated Style | Halloween 2012 4

Elevated Style | Halloween 2012 5

Elevated Style | Halloween 2012 6

I’m always so last minute with Halloween and therefore usually resort to pre-packaged costumes. I know, boring. And every year, all of the pre-packaged costumes I try on are way too short (like barely cover my butt short)! I don’t know how women over 5’10” do it! Here are a few tips I’ve learned over the years:

  • Size up. The costume I’m wearing is a large, even though I usually take a size small or medium in dresses.
  • Look for something that you can wear black leggings or tights with.
  • When wearing it, try not to bend over!

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This year, the flapper costume fit the bill and above are some shots from this past Saturday night. I had a fabulous time and was surrounded by some of my favorites (namely, a punk princess and the Morton’s Salt Girl)!

Hope you all have a happy Halloween!

Readers: What workarounds do you have for dealing with short Halloween costumes?

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