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How-To: Dealing with Short Halloween Costumes

Elevated Style | Halloween 2012 1

Elevated Style | Halloween 2012 2

Elevated Style | Halloween 2012 3

Elevated Style | Halloween 2012 4

Elevated Style | Halloween 2012 5

Elevated Style | Halloween 2012 6

I’m always so last minute with Halloween and therefore usually resort to pre-packaged costumes. I know, boring. And every year, all of the pre-packaged costumes I try on are way too short (like barely cover my butt short)! I don’t know how women over 5’10” do it! Here are a few tips I’ve learned over the years:

  • Size up. The costume I’m wearing is a large, even though I usually take a size small or medium in dresses.
  • Look for something that you can wear black leggings or tights with.
  • When wearing it, try not to bend over!

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This year, the flapper costume fit the bill and above are some shots from this past Saturday night. I had a fabulous time and was surrounded by some of my favorites (namely, a punk princess and the Morton’s Salt Girl)!

Hope you all have a happy Halloween!

Readers: What workarounds do you have for dealing with short Halloween costumes?

How-To: Finding the Perfect Blazer as a Tall Woman

Elevated Style | Ann Taylor Stretch Linen Twill Long Jacket 1

Ann Taylor Stretch Linen Twill Long Jacket; Ralph Lauren Newbury Flap Satchel; Tommy Hilfiger Sunglasses, DL40; Aigle Ecuyer Boots; H&M Skater Dress; Charter Club Scarf; Hue Tights

Elevated Style | Ann Taylor Stretch Linen Twill Long Jacket 2

Elevated Style | Ann Taylor Stretch Linen Twill Long Jacket 3

Elevated Style | Ann Taylor Stretch Linen Twill Long Jacket 4

Elevated Style | Ann Taylor Stretch Linen Twill Long Jacket 5

Elevated Style | Ann Taylor Stretch Linen Twill Long Jacket 6

Finding a flattering blazer when you’re tall is not easy!

Let me set the scene. I had been searching for a blazer for months. I wanted something longer that I could wear with skinny jeans (to work) or with a short skirt and boots (for the weekend). I tired on a number of tall blazers, but none were long enough for the look that I was going for. Just when I had given up hope, I saw this CRAZY LONG blazer in the final sale section of the Ann Taylor website. Here are some tips for finding a perfect blazer if you’re tall:

  • Look outside of the tall section. The blazer I’m wearing above is from the regular section. On anyone shorter than me, I’m convinced this would look like a lab coat.That’s probably why it was in the sale section!
  • Look for something long, hitting just below the widest part of your hips. This helps create the illusion of a more slender silhouette.
  • Look for buttons that fall at your natural waist. Stay away from buttons that hit too high.
  • Stay away from boxy silhouettes and try to find something more tailored. Tall pear-shaped women (like me) should try to find blazers that have an a-line shape.

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Readers: Have you found the perfect blazer?

Style Obsessions: October 2012

Elevated Style | Style Obsessions October

I’ve been adding subtle traces of leopard print in with my outfits lately. It’s a trend that keeps coming back and has been all over the Fall-Winter 2012-2013 collections. Here are the ways I’ve been safely incorporating leopard print into my wardrobe:

  1. J.Crew Leopard Print Scarf
  2. Alexander Wang Ponyhair Prisma Wristlet
  3. Nocona Jungle Crystal Bracelet
  4. Sabine Faux Leopard Hair Bangle
  5. Anne Klein Zya Animal Print Pumps

Readers: What do you think about leopard print?