Tip of the Week: Try Something Nu!

Nu Bra

Yes, we’re talking about the NuBra here! I bought this oneir.gif from Amazon for $30 and was very skeptical at first. I mean, how long could a sticky bra last? Would it actually provide any support?

Surprisingly, this sticky bra works wonders! It does look a bit awkward and it certainly feels a bit awkward at first, but one you get used to it, there’s no turning back to regular strapless bras.

And no, that’s not me in the photo!

I bought my first and only NuBra last August. I’ve worn it about 40 times and it still has a bit of wear left. I’m an a-cup, so I can’t speak for women with larger cup-sizes, but the NuBra provides plenty of support and coverage. This one in particular doesn’t have any extra padding, so if that’s what you’re looking for, I wouldn’t recommend it. It does, however, enable you to enhance your cleavage. All you have to do is stick the cups further apart and use the clasp to pull them together.

I guess my secret’s out! You can see some outfits where I’m wearing the NuBra here and here. Can’t tell, can you? It’s perfect for strapless and backless dresses/shirts.

I’ll definitely be purchasing another one. It’s totally comfortable and feels like you’re not wearing anything!

Readers: Have you joined the NuBra train yet?

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