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How-To: Pulling off Flats as a Tall Woman

Elevated Style | J.Crew Viv Printed Patent Flats 2

Flats on tall women may seem like a great idea, but the wrong pair or a poor outfit choice can make tall women look heavier than they are (it’s a proportion thing). Here are some simple tips that I’ve discovered over the years:

  • Flats look the best with pants, especially with straight-legged pants or pants with a tiny flare. But don’t wear flats with pants that are too long. You’ll end up looking sloppy.
  • If you’d like to wear flats with a dress or a skirt—especially a pencil skirt—opt for the pointed-toe styles. You’ll see in the photos above that the pointed-toe flats look better than the rounded-toe flats. That’s because the pointed-toed flats have a similar effect to wearing heels. They help elongate the leg rather than cutting it off short like the rounded-toe flats do. They’ve also got a fancier feel than their round-toe counterparts and can help you obtain a more business oriented look.
  • If you have to wear rounded-toe flats with a skirt or dress, make sure you wear them with a shorter skirt (more than an inch above the knee), since having no heel or point can make legs look shorter. Showing a bit more leg helps to get that length back. See an example of how I pulled it off here. And come Fall, don’t be afraid to pair a short skirt and flats with tights! I do it all the time. See an example here.
  • Don’t wear any flats with skirts or dresses that fall below the knee—you’ll achieve a frumpy silhouette.

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Readers: What do you wear with your flats?

Review: Hunter Tall Rubber Rain Boots

Elevated Style | Hunter Tall Rubber Rain Boots 1

Elevated Style | Hunter Tall Rubber Rain Boots 2

J.Crew Featherweight Cotton Cardigan; J.Crew Stretch Perfect Shirt in Classic Stripe; Banana Republic Scarf; William Rast “Jerri” Stardust Ultra Skinny Leg Jeans; Hunter Tall Rubber Rain Boots; J.Crew Earrings (similar); H&M Bracelet (similar)

Elevated Style | Hunter Tall Rubber Rain Boots 3

It was a rainy day today so I broke out my rain boots and thought I’d do a review. But first, here’s my rain boot history starting from when I was a freshman in college:

Freshman – I didn’t have rain boots. My socks always got soaked when walking to class in the rain. It was miserable.

Sophomore – I bought some crazy polkadot rain boots from Target. They looked something like this, but had white dots and were hot pink inside. I think my college roommate bought the same pair. Clearly I was on a college budget, but I desperately needed something to keep my socks dry.

Junior – My crazy polkadot rain boots died. I tried another pair of Target specials.

Senior – My second pair of Target rain boots died. I suffered the rest of the year.

Year After College – I bought some horrible green and blue Chinese Laundry rain boots. They were cute in concept, but were way too short on me. Not only were they impractical (i.e. I couldn’t stomp through puddles without getting my pants wet), but they also did nothing for my proportions. I definitely got some weird looks commuting to work on the subway.

Present – I finally splurged on a pair of Hunter rain boots! I needed something practical and stylish and was ready to spend the big bucks. Are they perfect? No. But they are pretty close. Here’s my review:

  • Color: I’m not really sure why I went with this color. It’s a little drab, especially to wear on a rainy day. I wish I had opted for a brighter color, like a green or even a yellow.
  • Style: I like these boots because they feel more mature and sleek than my previous pairs. Although, don’t get me wrong – I did love my crazy polkadot rain boots from Target!
  • Height: These rain boots could stand to be a good two inches longer. The shaft height is only 14″, which may reach the knees of a petite girl, but not on a tall woman like me.
  • Circumference: The fit is a bit tight. They fit over tights no problem, but sometimes it’s tough to pull them over a pair of skinny jeans. I find that tucking your jeans into long socks helps with the bunching. At the widest point, my calf has a 15.5″ circumference. Hunter rain boots claim to have a 14.5″ calf circumference. You can see how snug they are on my calf in the photo above. Hunter rain boots do come in wide calf, which means a 16.5″ calf circumference.
  • Functionality: These rain boots are extremely practical. The longer shaft height combined with the tight fit prevents me from getting wet. And if you’re wondering if I splashed around in the puddles today…the answer is YES!

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Readers: What do you think about Hunter Rain Boots?

Review: Banana Republic Pleated Short in Tall

Elevated Style | Banana Republic Pleated Short in Tall 1

Banana Republic Pleated Short in Tall; J.Crew Factory Thandie Sweater; J.Crew Scarf; H&M and J.Crew Bracelets (similar)

I just discovered that some retailers sell shorts in tall sizes and I think the whole concept is kind of strange! Why do they sell tall shorts when they can simply sell shorts in different inseam increments? Maybe it’s a marketing thing—it certainly worked on me!

I had to try a pair, so I ordered some tall shorts from Banana Republic. According to the website, the difference between a regular and tall size for these shorts is an inch. In reality, these shorts still feel (and look) really short on me, but having an inch less of fabric would look even more ridiculous.

I’m not much of a shorts person anyway. I prefer skirts and dresses in the summertime.

Readers: Have you tried tall shorts before and had success?