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Beyond Vintage Dress; Ralph Lauren Zabrina Pumps

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I bought this dress from Piperlime last year on a whim and haven’t worn it since. At 26″ long from the waist, it’s supposed to hit just at your calves. But I always found that length to be a bit awkward on me. This year I figured out that I could move the elastic waistband up higher, hence making the dress hit just at my knees. The results? Much better!

I think the proportion and silhouette of the dress works well on taller women (especially pear shaped tall women like me!). It elongates the body, but doesn’t cut the legs short. It nips in at the smallest point, and then flares out to hide flaws.

I chose not to accessorize with this dress as I felt that the sparkly gold feather embellishment was enough. I love the simplicity yet sophistication of this look.

Also, this dress is 100%  silk. Luckily it was windy out, otherwise I would have needed a slip. The dress did tend to cling to me.

Readers: What do you think of this dress?

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