Outfit Idea: Winter Skirt + White Button-Down

Elevated Style | J.Crew City Mini Skirt Gray 1

J.Crew City Mini Skirt; J.Crew Factory Stretch Perfect Shirt (similar); Ann Taylor Patent Perfect Leather Pumps; Longchamp “Planetes Tonal” Tote; Tommy Hilfiger Sunglasses, DL40; H&M Bracelets (similar); Ann Taylor Stud Earrings (similar)

Elevated Style | J.Crew City Mini Skirt Gray 2

[spacer size=”.5″]Elevated Style | J.Crew City Mini Skirt Gray 3

We’ve finally finished unpacking and my closet is now in order! I’m loving the new neighborhood and I’m sure many Elevated Style photo-shoots will take place here.

Today I wanted to talk about transitioning winter clothing to warmer weather. Here, I’ve taken a wool skirt that I typically wear with black tights (see this post) and I’ve paired it with a crisp white button-down. And voila―perfect for Spring!

Too bad the skirt wasn’t a bit longer on me as it would be a great work outfit. Oh, the life of a tall woman.

Readers: What clothing do you transition from Winter to Spring?

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