Tip of the Week: Plan Your Outfits

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Isn’t it the worst when you’re staring in front of the closet with no idea what to wear and you have to leave in 5 minutes? If you plan ahead of time, this won’t happen!

Every Sunday, I lay out my outfits for the coming week complete with jewelry, belts, and scarves. This saves me time in the morning (so I can sleep in longer!) and prevents me from stepping out of the apartment wearing something atrocious.

Here are some outfit-planning tips:

  • Create some space for your outfits.┬áIt can be anything from the top of a bureau to the side of an ironing board.
  • If you’re using a particular accessory twice in the same week, put it with one of the outfits and use a sticky note for the other.
  • Before planning your outfits, look at your calendar to see what events you might be attending. This will help guide your outfit selections.

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Readers: Do you plan out your outfits?

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